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Welcome to NaviGo

"Empowering Students For Life"

Navigating the complex maze of college and career planning has rarely been more challenging. NaviGo Prep is here to help.

Using an innovative inquiry-based approach for high school students and their families, NaviGo's staff of highly trained and motivated coaches helps young people go far beyond the walls of their classrooms.

A team led by Kentucky's 2010 Superintendent of the Year, Tim Hanner, created NaviGo with two primary goals:

  1. To help students discover their true talents, passions and optimal career choices.
  2. To help families save money on future college and/or career expenses.

Empowering students for life is much more than a slogan at NaviGo. It's at the core of what's often referred to as the "NaviGo Way." Click here to find out more.

NaviGo Is Here!

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Building successful relationships that help students grow personally and academically and help young people discover their career inclinations is at the core of NaviGo's approach.

NaviGo coaches, who specialize in building relationships, will map out a plan using NaviGo's customized curriculum that's tailored to meet an individual student's needs and aspirations. Learn More

Meet NaviGo's President

Tim Hanner
Tim Hanner